#Camabis - David Cameron, cannabis hypocrite

David Cameron's biography was published this week and whilst there was lots of seemingly pathetic excuses for shortcomings in his political career (abandoning the UK post-Brexit referendum etc.), the most annoying thing to come out of the memoire for us is the fact that the leader of our country once out of government is happy to reveal that he was "off his head on dope" whilst at Eton.

So Cameron was happy to consume cannabis as rich student, protected from the law. Others of us have respected the law, even if we disagree with it. And then the man hides this truth in order to be elected to the highest (democratic) office in the country only to reveal after the fact that he actually naughtily broke the law and smoked weed all the time. **Giggles behind hand like a child.

I am not actually a recreational user of cannabis and never have been. But I am a liberal and I have no problem if that's what people want to do. But what is so incredibly frustrating here is the abundance of scientific proof behind the medical benefits of cannabis. And Cameron - as a recreational cannabis user - was in a position as Prime Minister to bring a change and allow those that would really benefit from free access to cannabis to obtain it. Humans and animals alike! Not for fun but because it would relieve pain, potentially shrink tumours, counter sickness from chemo drugs, help manage epileptic seizures and so much more!

But he didn't bother. He used in private and he stuck his nose up at the rest of us. This was a wasted opportunity. Cameron had the opportunity to make a change, one that if properly implemented could have had colossal health benefits for huge swathes of the British population.

This isn't the first instance of this kind of double standards, of course. Politicians have famously been "using in private" for decades. When I was at university I met the late great Howard Marks aka Mr Nice. And he openly talked about his time at Oxford when he first started on his path to cannabis dealer and he regaled how he would supply students who went on to be in the Cabinet and major ambassadors.

Norman Lamb MP (LibDem, North Norfolk), put forward legislation some years ago and he was also frustrated with Cameron's personal records: [there is] “a real hypocrisy here... Why continue to allow our fellow citizens to be put at risk with possibility for criminal conviction for doing exactly what he did?”

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