Our Story


 we love pets. yours. ours.
all animals. 

We love our pets. And we know you love your pets. They are family. 

There's nothing more worrying than see someone you love in discomfort. And that's why we make 100% natural pet products with CBD oil that helps your furry family members manage their lives. 

Whether your family pet has health issues, pain or anxiety our products are designed to make their lives better. Natural, legal, organic and tested by third party laboratories our products have been created with your pet in mind. Heck, we have even tested them on humans first! 

We all want our pets to be happy, healthy and pain free. But they can't always tell us how they are feeling, it's not as easy for them to take a headache tablet or destress with calming techniques. 

One of our pets, a beloved Bengal-Persian called Luna, was diagnosed with cancer and it was terribly distressing for us, even though she was incredibly brave and stoical. And just as if it was any other family member, we didn't want her to be in pain. We looked for things that could help her with the pain management, but with the exception of some pretty hardcore drugs from the vet, we couldn't find anything. 

And then we found out that in the USA - especially in pioneering states like California and Colorado - vets were starting to prescribe CBD hemp products as part of their treatment of animals of all kinds. 

Unfortunately, it was too late for Luna. But because of Luna's experience, we wanted to help other animals in the UK and their human families. 


luna's story, Our Story

CBD is a hemp oil extract. It is 100% legal in the UK. We are all beginning to learn about the health benefits of cannabis. And CBD is legal in the UK because it contains zero psychotic elements. So when you think of cannabis as a recreational drug, this is the THC element but this has been removed during the creation of our CBD oil. As such, our products contain 0% THC. But the other parts of the cannabis hemp that remain - which is used in medicines - is the CBD or cannabinoids. 

Not only is this legal in the UK it is lawful for humans to buy and consume it just as much as animals. So don't worry, your pets will not be 'tripping', we don't want that. But we do want them to benefit from the medicinal properties that CBD has to offer.

So we found an incredible EU-regulated laboratory that produces and refines high quality CBD oil. And this is what we use in all of our products. Any of our cannibiniod products can be used daily to help your much-loved pet manage any of the following challenges and more:

- joint aches & mobility issues

- anxiety & phobias 

- pain management

- cancer treatment / pain

- end of life management

- sores

- eczema

- indigestion

- hay fever & allergies

- nausea

- the stress of moving home or introducing a new pet